Visitor’s classes are designed to give visitors to Barbados a unique local experience. Each day we teach a signature Barbadian dish using locally source produce, proteins and ingredients. During class each student will not only learn about local cuisine but also about local traditions, norms, culture, dialect and music!

This class comes with a complementary Accent Kitchen cup as a souvenir.

At the end of cooking students sit and enjoy the dish they just made along with complementary local beer, mauby or sorrel drink.

You are guaranteed to leave with a smile!



Salt Fish and Bakes

Shredded salt fish fried with delicious herbs and local spices. This will be made with local bakes and fried plantain.

Suitable for pescatarians.


Chicken/Vegetable Roti

Learn techniques in making soft, fluffy roti skins and how to prepare chicken or vegetable roti and more!!

Suitable for vegans.


Macaroni Pie and Fried Flying Fish

In this class you will learn how to make cheesy yummy macaroni pie (a local favorite) and how to prepare flying fish fresh from the local fish market.

Suitable for pescatarians.


Breadfruit Pie and Barbeque Pigtails

Local breadfruit mashed and mixed with herbs and cheese then baked. This will be prepared with popular Bajan BBQ pigtails.


Pudding and Souse

Locally reared pork seasoned and prepared with local herbs, then tossed in signature Bajan pickle. This will be prepared with steamed sweet potato pudding.

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