Adult Cake and Pastry

This 9-week course is designed to give students experience in various cake and pastry techniques. Each person will learn how to measure ingredients correctly, how to convert between various units of measurement, how to multiply and half recipes, how to prepare baked goods using various techniques like the rubbing-in method etc. Items on this class menu include rock cakes, apple pie, cheesecake etc.

Bread Making

Bread is one of the most cost common and popularly consumed food items in the world. This course aims to teach its students how to prepare and bake a variety of breads such as the locally popular salt bread and wholewheat bread.

Cake Decorating

A 5-week course focused on demonstrating and teaching cake decorating using buttercream. This course teaches students how to make a basic cake and buttercream in the first few weeks then piping techniques in the remaining weeks.

Vegan 101

Perfect for beginners or persons with some cooking experience, this course teaches students how to prepare a variety of vegan dishes including roti and bean burgers.

Adult Basic Cooking

This course teaches a wide variety of techniques such as knife skills, frying, baking, braising, boiling and more. This course caters to persons who have no experience in the kitchen or persons seeking to expand their basic knowledge.


Sip & Cook Classes

Our Sip and Cook classes are on-time classes for friends, family, and partners to bond and have fun while preparing a meal. Our Sip and Cook classes currently include Sushi, Whiskey- Glazed Chicken, Stuffed Chicken breast with potato stacks, and Pasta making etc. These classes are typically offered on Friday and Saturday nights. In these classes students will learn a new and unique cooking technique needed to prepare a meal. After cooking students sit and enjoy a candle light dinner. This class includes a free complementary dessert.

Samosa Making

A fun interactive one-time session which teaches students how to make vegetable and chicken samosas from scratch. Each student will learn and gain experience in making samosa skins, making samosa filling and techniques in folding samosas. This class includes a bonus dipping sauce recipe.

Donut Making

This one-time class will introduce students to doughmaking and handling, frying, simple icing and icing techniques such as marbling.


Sip & Paint

Join us on June 25th or 26th for a fun filled evening of sipping, painting and chilling.

Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Our ADULT Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls class will take place Friday June 17th at 6pm!!

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